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With professional team of car detailing professionals, ensure a freshly restored car that still looks like new even after several years. Detailers at Palm Harbor Florida are experts in the latest techniques and tools for restoring cars to showroom condition. Services offered include:

* Interior and exterior detailing. Most car detailing services will include a complete interior and exterior detailing service. Some services also offer an interior and exterior detailing only service. In-depth carpet and seat cleaning. A/C cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and waxing.

* Carpet and seat cleaning. Palm Harbor’s in-house cleaning technicians use a gentle yet powerful vacuuming technique that is safe on upholstered furniture and plush cushions. They utilize eco-friendly, non-toxic products that won’t harm your family or the environment. They also use a detailing clay bar that penetrates and lifts the deep spots without scratching or gouging. Professional car detailing services also provide in-depth seat and carpet cleaning.

* Exterior detailing services. The technicians use a detailing sprayer that gives you a gloss that can only be described as clean, shiny and crystal clear. The spray is rich in vitamins, minerals, and lubricants that coat the exterior of your car like a protective coat. This is the same penetrating moisture-repelling fluid that your car needs for long journeys. The in-house detailing experts use a high-pressure air blasting system for maximum fluid delivery and optimal results.

* Interior detailing. For your vehicle’s interior, Palm Harbor offers professional services that are sure to keep you satisfied. From the very first look at the interior of your car, you’ll notice the vibrant and spacious colors of upholstery, vinyl flooring and carpeting, well-placed accessories and details like the placement of headliners and vents. Palm Harbor’s technicians can also give you the inside scoop on things like the condition of the car’s interior upholstery and carpet, whether it’s time to apply seat covers or wax, whether you should consider carpet shampooing and other treatments for upholstery, and if the sun is drying your car out too much.

* Car interior detailing. If you’re thinking about an aftermarket automotive detailing service for your car, don’t forget Palm Harbor. Professional car detailers at this shop not only provide their customers with all of the services above, but they can also repair, paint, and restore your vehicle’s interior to near new in no time at all. You can expect everything from waxing to cleaning, sealing and protecting, polishing and restoring. For a quality car detailing service visit

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