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A cabinet refinished is quite different from a cabinet refacing. A cabinet refacing involves the complete replacement of the cabinet hardware, including the cabinet doors. A cabinet refinished, on the other hand, refers to a partial restoration of the cabinet surfaces to bring back luster and natural beauty. It can also be done to improve the way that cabinets operate, and to make them more functional for everyday use. Cabinet refronting, which uses surface-mounted cabinet doors, can be used to restore the cabinet fronts to their original function, as well as to make them look better on the interior.

In cabinet refinishing, a fresh coat of paint is usually required, so it’s important to choose the right hue and style. A typical cabinet refinished will feature a fresh coat of decorative primer, followed by a layer of shellac-based cabinetry finish. A primer coating is particularly important if cabinets are being refaced, since this process puts a seal on the wood surfaces and helps to protect them from damage. The next step is a thin coat of shellac or another wood-quality finish, such as a Mahogany Finish. This seal protects the surface of the cabinets from moisture.

After the first two coats have dried, a high-gloss clear lacquer or other flat lacquer may be applied, depending on the cabinet’s intended purpose. A clear lacquer is a good option if cabinets are to be used as heirloom pieces or if the refacing is to enhance the appearance of a kitchen or bathroom. A darker finish, such as an oil-based wood lacquer or clear borax, can be used for cabinet refacing to bring out the wood grain and bring out a unique character. For an industrial application, a powder-coating lacquer may be applied over a steel frame to give it a whole new look.

If the refacing job calls for new doors or drawer fronts, cabinet refinishing professionals can match the doors to existing hardware and install them without interrupting the current work. Cabinet refacing is not a difficult process, but it is best left to the experts. Not only is it a labor of love, it also means a hole in one corner of the house. In some cases, doors and drawer fronts need to be replaced because they are badly worn or have been damaged during handling.

Before starting the refacing project, the cabinet refinishing specialist should measure the areas to be repaired or replaced. This will ensure that the replacement parts will fit correctly. In addition, the new hardware must be compatible with the existing hardware. In addition, the interior of the doors and drawer fronts should be considered so that the new finish will be appropriate. If at all possible, it’s best to hire someone with experience in cabinet refinishing because it can sometimes be difficult to determine what materials will work well together.

Some cabinet refinishing company in Houston even offer services to do the entire refurbishing job including sanding and polishing. These services can help to make the finished product appear to be well-kept and give the interior a refreshed appeal. Refinishing cabinetry is an easy way to add value to a home. If it’s done properly, there’s no need to replace worn out hardware. And, if the cabinet refacing job is well-done and looks as great as it did on the day it was installed, homeowners will probably find that it’s less expensive to have this done rather than having to purchase new cabinetry.

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